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Licensed Occupations help career explorers find information about occupations that require licensing, certification or registration.



Licensed Occupations is a guide to occupations requiring licensing, certification or registration by the State of Vermont and a resource for students and individuals exploring careers as well as people planning on moving to and working in Vermont.

Licensing of individuals is a right conferred to practice a specific profession or engage in an occupation. The practitioner must qualify according to training, experience and testing criteria.

Certification grants an individual who meets educational and testing standards the right to use the title of that profession or occupation. Unlike licensure, certification is voluntary and not required to practice the regulated profession. However, it is unlawful for a person who is not certified to use the title or to hold himself/herself out to the public as being “certified”.

Registration is a formal listing, a legal procedure which involves sending to a designated agency an applicant’s name and address to practice a profession.

Regardless of the credential type, a fee is usually required and the individual must be in “good standing” regarding child support, State of Vermont taxes, court judgments, and restitution orders.

Only licenses, certifications or registrations issued by the State of Vermont to an individual to practice or be declared qualified in an occupation are included. Business licenses and licenses issued by Federal agencies or local municipalities are not included.

For each regulated profession or occupation, there is
  • a brief description of the work regulated,
  • contact information for the authority governing that profession,
  • number of active licenses, if available, and
  • 2010 O*Net-SOC occupations (code and title) that may be regulated.

For more information on training requirements, exams, fees, reciprocity or other questions, please contact the appropriate licensing board or agency. Individuals planning on entering a training program or educational facility to practice in a licensed or certified occupation in Vermont should contact the licensing board or agency to ensure the program meets State of Vermont standards.

Updated: November 2019
 State of Vermont Department of Labor