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  An Office of the Vermont Department of Labor August 13, 2020
  Customer Satisfaction Survey

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Finding a Job Hiring Workers
Finding a Business or its Location Setting or Negotiating Wages
Career Planning Starting or Expanding a Business
Assisting Others Finding Employment Budgeting / Planning / Policy Making
Developing Training / Curriculum Economic Research / Development
Training Product Marketing
Customized Report or Analysis Other (specify)

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Jobseeker Employer / Business Representative
Employee / Individual Career Counselor / Caseworker
Student / Learner News Media Representative
Teacher Reseacher / Planner / Economic Developer
Parent Government Representative / Elected Offical / WIA employee
Education & Training Provider Other (specify)

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Dial-up (56K modem and telephone line)
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Don't Know

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LMI Publication or Presentation Colleague / Friend
Vt Dept of Labor Employee Internet Search Engine
Vt Dept of Labor Website Link on Another Website
School or Educational Counselor Other (specify)

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